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Data validation & cleaning

Our data processing service is adapted to match the highest expectations of utility companies, such as telecoms, water & energy, TV and Internet providers. We know completely well that large customer databases are often a swamp of incorrect data. Implementing our API favors utility customers to quickly verify client’s data at the time of subscription or to refine records that are erroneous later.

Customer Discovery

ADSuisse technology is particularly designed to: (1) support utility firms identify missing customer data and (2) enrich already available information. If for example, electricity provider or an ISP, need a new phone number, location or an e-mail address of an existing customer then we can help. ADSuisse can also append age, education, gender, social profile to personal records, just to enable you executing better marketing campaigns and build better products. Customer discovery allows you to get rid of all market polls, used to create personas and have a statistically built overview of customers. It is also about finding a lost customers or debtor.

Customer Insights

Utility companies, especially telecoms, are among the largest proprietors of personal data globally. However, data usability is still in question as typically, it is not used to provide deep insights to its owner. ADSuisse offers unique opportunity to get enormous advantage of that data. By enrichment, our AI technology can make your CRM database so vivid that you will be able to fully recognize individual customer needs and wants. What is more, you will be able to understand and classify clients by their interests, affinities, attitudes, and hobbies. Isn’t it a good start for a magnificent customer journey?

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