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Data validation & cleaning

Our data processing service is adapted to match the highest expectations of utility companies, such as Telecoms, Water and Energy, TV and Internet Providers. We are fully aware that large customer databases are swamped with incorrect data, but implementing our API facilitates utility companies to quickly verify client data at the time they register, or to refine records that contain errors.

Customer Discovery

ADSuisse technology is designed to support utility firms in a number of ways. It can identify missing customer data and enrich the information already available, for example if an electricity provider or an ISP, needs a new phone number, location or e-mail address of an existing customer, we can help. ADSuisse can also add data to existing personal records, for example, age, education, gender and social profile, which allows companies to execute more effective marketing campaigns and to design better products. Customer Discovery allows utility companies to cease conducting market surveys, and to replace them with a statistically created overview of customers. ADSuisse technology also finds lost customers and debtors

Customer Insights

Utility companies, especially Telecoms, are among the largest owners of personal data globally. However, data usability is questionable since it frequently does not provide deep insights into the individual concerned. ADSuisse offers a unique opportunity to obtain enormous advantage from that data by enriching it using our AI technology, which will render the company’s CRM database so powerful that it will be able to fully recognise individual customer needs and wants. Additionally, clients can be categorised by their interests, affinities, attitudes, and interests. AD Suisse, a good start for a magnificent customer journey?

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