Online Retail

Personalize marketing and prevent fraud.

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Data validation & cleaning

We know that e-commerce and service providers are daily flooded with messy and fake data. ADSuisse API provides quick verification and clearing by a simple request. No matter if data comes from registration form or delivery form we can take care of it.

Customer Discovery

Often online service providers try to uncover lost or disloyal customer. In most cases, missing data is beneficial to increase productivity, empower customer relationships and design effective marketing campaigns. Harnessing our technology for customer discovery is as easy as implementing ADSuisse API to your e-commerce site.

Customer Insights

ADSuisse data technology contributes to online retailers’ business by creating a new option to uncover and pursue unexploited market opportunities. By revealing customer affinities, hobbies, attitudes and habits we enable:

  • upselling and cross-selling online campaigns based on you client preferences;
  • precise product differentiation and development that satisfies even the narrowest customer segment;
  • targeting clients who are problem-aware, but not solution aware;
  • harness data to create solid customer relationships, built upon understanding;
  • marketing efficiency based on the transparency of both sides (sellers and buyers);

We offer flexible pricing plans and tailored solutions

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