How it works

Regardless of the business size or industry, great companies always crave specific information.

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We process and enrich personal or organisational data submitted via API or files. ADSuisse refines and supplements it with additional, valuable information, by employing a few simple procedures.



1. Data Validation

We validate each type of data by using strict procedures, and confirm its accuracy by means of geolocation APIs, TELCO interfaces and internal algorithms. This initial process eliminates false data prior further processing.

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2. Data Cleaning

The data cleaning stage eliminates grammar and punctuation errors, corrects and standardises records before they are transferred to the next stage. Clean data is essential for achieving higher rates of effectiveness.

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3. Customer Discovery

The ADSuisse Artificial Intelligence (AI) core collects, combines and appends data gathered from various sources, such as public web, deep web and social networks. Therefore, you receive enriched results in the same readable format, which enables you to understand your customers better.

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4. Customer Insights

Once Customer Discovery is successful, data is investigated and explored further. After semantic analysis, the ADSuisse AI core extracts meaningful marketing information regarding a specific customer or segment.

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API Integration

You can integrate ADSuisse API with your application and benefit from our data service; we designed it so that it is simple to implement but also powerful enough to work in complex scenarios. You will be able to verify data, build a customer profile or receive valuable marketing information about a company or individual, with minimum effort.