Data validation and cleaning

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The ADSuisse data validation and cleaning service is specially designed to refine any type of customer data.

Data types validation

We offer a strict verification procedure for every type of data submitted; integrated rules and diverse sources are used to confirm validity.


Our ambition is to deliver data processing technology that can be seamlessly integrated with any type of CRM, ERP, website or database. ADSuisse Data Validation and Cleaning service is applicable for small to large enterprises.

Process Explained


Customer database

Records are submitted to ADSuisse from your database via API



Data is verified using cross reference validation and an accuracy and consistency check.

Profiling, correction, standartization

Profiling, correction, standardization

Data is cleaned, merged and standardised; rules are applied to eliminate mistakes and typos.

Order data

Refined data

If nothing else is agreed, we sent the refined data back to you.

Our Promise

We offer a free service, which means ADSuisse promises to verify each record received through its API.

In terms of security, we abide by high standards of data privacy and protection. Please read our Data Protection Policy to obtain more information.

Industries that benefit from our services