Customer Insights

Build colorful customer profiles with our advanced AI technology

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Customer is king and the more you know about king’s hobbies, preferences and habits the better you can satisfy his wishes.

It is all about your customers

The Customer Insights service can help you establish a strong relationship with clients. Our platform collects and aggregates data that is further suitable for detailed customer analysis. You can simply get meaningful information about individuals, target groups or whole segments.


ADSuisse technology generates non-traditional view of customers: not only names and IDs, but rich profiles of real people with lifestyle affinities, hobbies and attitudes. It is based on AI and semantic analysis of numerous web sources

How Customer Insights help you?

Knowing customer’s affinities, hobbies, preferences, perceptions, and attitudes generates value and gives competitive advantage against rivals. Imagine how successful you would be in sales, product upgrades or service communication if you have all that information in hands.

Affinities to: Products Services Brands
Perception: Brands Events People
Hobbies: Traveling Sports Technology
Views: Political Lifestyle Professional

There are numerous applications of structured customer data. You can intuitively design improved marketing and communication strategies or create tailored products for specific segments. Buyers simply become “transparent” to you. At the same time, retention will be based on what customers truly like.

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